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Our Mission

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Our mission is
Education in the field of zero waste and climate change and transforming institutions and companies into sustainable ones operating in a circular economy.
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Our goal
We educate, motivate and inspire to show that life according to the idea of ​​Zero Waste is worth the effort. Appropriate waste management and life in the Zero Waste style can be an interesting form of spending free time, having fun, and even a hobby where inventing new solutions and sharing with others can give us a lot of joy.
We help to transform companies and institutions into sustainable ones, thanks to which they do not have a destructive influence on our environment and, at the same time, save money.
We try with all our heart to change our lives and the lives of people around us. On a daily basis, we run or support many initiatives leading to the reduction of waste production in homes and businesses. As a foundation, we implement educational programs in homes, communities, kindergartens, schools and companies.
Our testimony - Our home - Our history
Our story with Zero Waste began with starting a group on FB "I don't want garbage in my house".
Inspired by the actions of other people who set themselves a goal for the good of our planet, we decided to change something in our lives.
We wanted to minimize the production of rubbish, which filled our bins in an alarmingly dull day - it turned out to be difficult - but still possible.
At the beginning, we chose only people who, like us, declared their will to change. It was important for us that they were people from different places in Poland and around the world, because we wanted to show the diversity of activities and opportunities.
The project grew and brought together more and more people, and finally we decided to establish a full-fledged organization - this is how the Foundation was created.
Today, the Foundation is an efficient organization whose main goal is to educate and mobilize people to live in the Zero Waste style.
And most importantly, we managed to reduce the amount of waste production to a minimum, although we still strive to achieve our goal of Zero Waste.
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