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Zero Waste Workshops in Gdynia

August 2020

On August weekends, we organized a Zero Waste inspirational workshop dealing with an extremely important topic - "How to reduce the amount of waste generated in homes". During each of the meetings held at Kamienna Góra in Gdynia, we presented problems related to the overproduction of waste in various rooms at home.
During the first meeting, we looked at Łazienki. We showed, among other things, how to save water, how to make your own cream or deodorant, what cosmetics to use and which to avoid, and we persuaded you to produce your own household chemicals.
The second meeting is the Kitchen, where we undoubtedly produce the most waste. We discussed many aspects related to shopping, chemicals, waste of water and food and many others - including how to plan Zero Waste purchases, what we need to do such purchases, We also sewed nets and reusable shopping bags.
During the third meeting, we talked about rubbish, appropriate segregation, recycling and types of plastics. We also conducted the Climate Collage game, which presents in an accessible way why and how our climate is changing.
The fourth meeting was devoted to children. We talked about many problems related to the material from which toys and other products dedicated to children are made. We urged them to change things, be creative and play with children.
During the last, fifth meeting, we buried a bit in the ground and talked about permaclutur gardens. We prepared boxes for high discounts, built home composters with earthworms and showed the inspiration for using materials in recycling to build gardens.
The workshops were financed by the Gdynia City Commune .
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