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"The Climate Collage" game trainings

"The Climate Collage" game trainings

The Planet For Generations Foundation was one of the first organizations in Poland to undergo training in handling the Climate Collage game.

We have cards in Polish already printed and ready for the first training.
We will invite you to the first meetings soon.
The game was developed in France by the La Fresque du Climat Association on the basis of scientific reports prepared by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Climate Collage is a game about changes in our environment, which will allow participants to understand the consequences and challenges that climate change brings. The game can be played by anyone, children, teenagers and adults, regardless of their level of knowledge.

The workshops have been conducted in Europe since 2017. for the general public (youth, students and adults), for companies, institutions and politicians.

More information on Climate Collate at:
- website in English:
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