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Green Film Festivals WEBinar

Webinar - October 14, 2020, hours. 1 p.m. CET

Do you wonder how much waste will be left at the stage of planning, organizing and implementing an event?

The Green Film Festivals webinar is the first event in the series organized by the Planet for Generations Foundation and Aleksandra Leszczyńska, which aims to present the problems, challenges and solutions that are faced by the broadly understood industry of event organizers.

We will not miss anyone or anything. We want everyone to find something for themselves. We will talk about film and music festivals, conferences, galas and congresses, picnics and sports events, road shows, fairs, exhibitions, promotional campaigns and many other creative ideas for an event.


For an appetizer, we will look at Film Festivals. The events organized each year are integral and extremely important events for the entire film industry, both for authors, producers and the audience. Like any human activity, they have a significant impact on the environment. Preparing the festival involves not only a selection of films and guests, but also a series of logistic, organizational, marketing, advertising and financial decisions, which may be more or less "green". What influences it?

What are the green challenges facing festival organizers? Is it possible to organize the festival in a sustainable way? Print catalogs or not? How many posters to put up? How many banners to produce? What kind of scenery to prepare? Do festivals already use any green solutions? If so, what are they?

And maybe the most important question. Does the "green" festival cost less?

Our guests will be representatives of the largest Polish film festivals.

Ola Salwa

International Film Festival Transatlantyk

Ola Salwa.jpg

Olga Lany


Film Festival


Tomasz Kolankiewicz

Polish Film Festival in Gdynia


Marcin Pieńkowski

International Film Festival Nowe Horyzonty

Technical partner
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